VitaDock - Vizualizes your health
VitaDock is one of the smartest mobile solution for tracking vital data for diabetes, hypertension/ hypotension, fever, and obesity. You can manage and monitor them for self-management reasons in ONE app - that is unique.

All you do is connect our sensors (GlucoDock for blood sugar, ThermoDock for body temperature, CardioDock for blood pressure and TargetScale for body weight) to an iOS device, the App starts automatically and to start the respective measurement.

Most vital data readings only take a few seconds and are stored to the mobile device. You do not have to worry about taking down notes in a diary - VitaDock does it for you. Plus you have several ways to analyze data (diary, statistics, 30-day overview, monthly reports) - wherever you are.

In addition, VitaDock features transmitting data to your doctor via e-mail for quick advice, instructions or just to inform him that everything is ok - this year a server api will also be introduced e.g. to connect with other health applications or platforms.

Another highlight is the user interface. We have designed it in such a way that it´s unique and intuitive. Therefore we have created the so-called "VitaDock Universe" where each category is represented by its own planetary system. By simply tapping on one of the planets users enter different sections e.g. GlucoDock for blood sugar readings.

The app as well as the sensors are licensed as medical products, thus the whole production and programing process followed the required quality and security guidelines. Besides that we also consulted various target groups (e.g. diabetics) during the development process to get feedback and remove, add, or tweak certain features in the application. Since the release we are encouraging users to provide feedback via several channels (facebook, twitter, itunes, website, and during events) to help us optimize the VitaDock series in the future.

New feature in September 2012: Users can now backup their data on our VitaDock cloud service and synchronize between different devices. Another highlight is the open API which offers 3rd party health services to provie our users more health services e.g. diabetes consultation based on the uploaded results.

VitaDock is available since August 2011 in across Europe (Apple Stores, MediaMarkt, Saturn online & offline) and particularly featured by T-Mobile in over 500 stores in Germany.
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
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  • mobile health, vital data, blood glucose, blood sugar, blood pressure, body temperature, body weight, vitadock, glucodock, thermodock, cardiodock, targetscale
Target Users
  • people interested in smart health solutions who want to track vital data with their mobile phone and have the data always available; chronical ill people (e.g. diabetics) who want to use a smart mobile solution, rather than the old-school medical devices;
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