Virtual Visits to Real Doctors
ViViDoctor is the instant real doctor in your pocket.

A busy person? Time-stuck parent? Elderly or person with limited mobility? Just tap the ViViDoctor app from your mobile device or web browser and video-visit a doctor within minutes.

You have full flexibility for your visit: 1) You can see an online doctor immediately 2) You can book an appointment and have your video visit at a scheduled date and time with a specific doctor of your choice. Once your visit starts - your doctor gets all the necessary information about your health from your local health record and your wearable devices. This is unparalleled in the video visits space.

We currently treat 1) Medical 2) Psychological / Behavioral 3) Pediatric 4) Dermatological 5) Dietary / Nutritional issues.

We’re here to revolutionize and complement the way that the healthcare is delivered in Europe. In the age we’re in where mHealth and self-quantification are becoming the norm we’re plugging in the missing link: The real professional to interpret all the data collected.

We already have partnerships with major hospitals in Belgium and in the process of conducting a pilot with the Belgian government.

More info on the Vividoctor website
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), HTML5, SMS
  • Free version available
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Target Users
  • hospital follow up patients, busy parents, disabled people, elderly, Private Insurances and Employer Perks
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