VQ Mileage Tracker
#1 Downloaded Mileage Tracking app on BB App World. AUTOMATICALLY tracks your mileage every time you drive your car.
#1 Download mileage tracking app on BlackBerry® App World™!! VQ Mileage Tracker is the only Mileage Tracking application that AUTOMATICALLY tracks your mileage every time you drive your car. In Automated mode you don't even have to launch the app. Everything happens AUTOMATICALLY.

** You don't have to do anything until you want to submit an Expense Report. **

Then, at the press of a button, VQ Mileage Tracker emails you a report with:
* Date and Time for each trip
* Address you drove to
* Miles or km driven for every trip
* You can also track gas, maintenance and other expenses.
* Shows where you parked on BlackBerry® Maps or Google Maps

Just copy/paste into your Expense Report and you're done.

* Automatic Report Generation every week, month or quarter
* Tracks Trip Duration in minutes (in addition to distance, start time and end time)
* Round to nearest mile/km (optional)
* Odometer Tracking
* Captures address even when you park underground

Other Mileage Tracking apps require you to manually key in dates, times, distances and locations EVERY time you drive your car for business. And keeping track of your mileage on paper is a pain at the best of times.

Why do all that when VQ MileageTracker can automatically do it all for you?
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