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The website we created (continuation of a university project) is www.wadeeny.com.

Basically what we did is take the idea of carpooling and remodel it to suit different needs.
In Germany for instance the pain people face is the cost of fuel, and expensive town to town travel. So their solution was a service that helps users match each other according to that.

The problems we face are different, its mainly commuting. Traffic is very bad, and public transportation is useless.

So what our website does (in addition to everything mitfahrgelegenheit - most popular service in Germany - does) is provide the option to add a recurring trip to work (from any point to any point).

So let\'s say I go to work everyday from heliopolis to smart village with my car. It costs me around 400 pounds a month in fuel. Another 2 people go to work by the company bus which takes much longer or by a taxi (which people do!) which is expensive.
If we all ride together in my car, this way i would make the cost of fuel x 2, and they would have a convenient way of travel.

Of course the problems we face are safety issues too. So we solved that by mainly using social connections, ie. showing mutual friends between you and the people in the trip through facebook in additional to a tonne of other safety features.

This website is ready to work anywhere in the world, we have had people add trips in the UAE, Spain, Switzerland and even Bulgaria. However marketing wise we are only focused on Egypt.

The website is available in arabic and english, and offers 3 different currencies.

We are currently the most followed carpooling service on twitter in the world.


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