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WalkieWorld is like a Walkie Talkie Allows to you to call a friend anywhere in the world, in a clear and fast.- Send free messages worldwide- Send snaps and send a picture during a callHow does it work:Use WalkieWorld is simple. After doing the recording of your name you will see the main application screen. Below are a number. What is your number and it works just like a telephone number. Anyone who wanted to have a conversation with you will know your number. Log in from the button for calls and there is a section where you can add contacts. You must add the name and the user identification number described above. You can then send the call. The phone will ring and the receiver, the icon of the notifications will accept the call and start the conversation. To speak to press the button with the words Speak, WalkieWorld recognize your voice and send the message that will appear in the upper display. It is recommended for a good speech recognition not to speak too quickly and to scan the words. If you speak in a different language, for a correct speech recognition must also change the language on your phone. If you make a conversation with a foreign person, enabling the machine translation from the menu, WalkieWorld automatically translate that language into the language set on your phone.If you want to enter your own phone number in our visit the web page
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