Your leisure vacation at your fingertip
wannareach is a one-stop shop mobile application, through which you can plan your leisure vacations and activities while in the comfort of your own place. With a few taps on your phone, you can arrange for a wonderful time for yourself or with anyone.

wannareach helps leisure vacationers save time, effort and money and to cut their trip execution time in half by giving them access to all their travel and activities planning resources – from service providers, venues types, local and global destination listings, custom packages and special deals, to local tours, communities, cruises, activities - maximizing the happiness, fun, and togetherness … in one place on the go and for free

With wannareach you can enjoy fast access to travel and activities such as family and friends vacations, honeymoons, groups trips, weekend excursions and day uses, adventure and sports travel, health and well-being outings, hajj and umrah, medical travel, cruises, tours and attractions.

- Browse and discover packages for different vacation types
- Filter trip packages by city, budget, activities, etc…
- Customize packages as per your needs and preferences.
- View packages details, rates, terms, & availability (as per the providers’ statuses).
- View photos & videos, of your vacation destinations
- An itinerary for your vacation trip. Confirm and book your trip with only two taps on your screen.
- Cancel and change trip reservations.
- Special offers and deals.

We target Egypt, United Arab of Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Qatar, Jordan, Kuwait and Turkey markets
  • For Service providers - Commission-based 5% from the total price of booking
  • For Vacationers - Free
Travel and Tourism
  • Tourism and Travel - Holidays - Online holiday & activity booking - Adventure trips - Hajj and Umrah - Tours and Attractions - Groups trips - Cruises - Custom Packages - Communities - Travel Shopping - Fitness and sports - One-stop shop travel application
Target Users
  • Leisure vacationers who search and plan for a vacation and activities inside or outside the city
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