WASH Alerts
Reporting unsafe and unequal sanitation, and assessing its impact on drinking water
WASH Alerts is a two-part system:

1. Citizens participating via mobile phone can safely and anonymously report unsafe or unequal sanitation (such as open defecation, or a lack of facilities for girls). They can automatically generate a georeferenced report with our Android app, or simply text a description via SMS with a feature phone. Their report is intercepted by an SMS gateway; smartphone reports is processed and mapped at map.wash4all.org/sanitation. We will also compile monthly reports of SMS reports received, so decision makers can apply their own judgements to those reports. Their phone numbers are discarded, and the location and time of their report are slightly blurred.

2. Drinking water providers can upload the details of their distribution network (pipes and pumps) to WASH For All. We use spatially enabled SQL routines to assess the risk that reported sanitation events may pose to the safety of the drinking water supply from overland or underground flow of human waste. This is, to our knowledge, a unique approach connecting sanitation and water for better decision making.

Sanitation is the most neglected corner of the WASH triangle. Unlike drinking water, it isn't fun and easy to talk about publicly. WASH Alerts aims to illustrate the importance of sanitation, and the connections between sanitation and drinking water, by providing a platform to assess the impact of unsafe sanitation on our drinking water supply. With this two-pronged approach, we hope to allow greater oversight of sanitation in both the public and private spheres, and motivate people to talk about sanitation by explicitly linking sanitation with drinking water.
Android, SMS
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Stop open defecation!, Poor access to data, Governance and sanitation, Facilities not for girls!, Empower citizens
  • sanitation reporting drinking water distribution threat assessment spatial analysis decision aid water-sanitation nexus
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  • Mobile phone users Water treatment plant managers Public planners Government officials
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