Watch Ruler
Use your Apple Watch to measure distances, up to 25 meters, with nothing more than your iPhone and Apple Watch!
This app works by measuring the time offset between the expected and actual reception of a sound signal, and then calculating the distance by multiplying by the speed of sound.

This is a new variant of my app Acoustic Ruler Pro, which you can find here: Acoustic Ruler has been my single most successful app, with over 300000 downloads on the App Store.

Acoustic Ruler was limited by the length of your headphone cable or the requirement to have two iPhones for larger distances. The new app can be used by anybody who has just an Apple Watch and iPhone.

Here are two videos of the app:

Please note: the app has not passed the review yet, so the App Store link is not working yet.
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Watch Ruler - 0.99
Urban life, Shopping, Education
  • Measure distance, Apple Watch, Speed of Sound
Target Users
  • Any Apple Watch owner who wants to measure distances up to 25 meters / 82 feet. Physics teachers can use it when they teach the speed of sound
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