Wear Apps Tracker
Be notified when an app is installed, updated or removed from your smartwatch.
When you install an app on your phone it's easy to understand what's happening: you've got notifications and confirmation screens.

The same is not true for your Android Wear device: after installing the app on the phone you just have to wait for the magic to happen, opening and closing the Start... menu until the epiphany occurs bringing the new icon on the list.

Not anymore! With Wear Apps Tracker you'll get a notification on your Android Wear device stream every time you install, remove or update an app for your smartwatch.

With the handheld companion app you can get a list of every third party apps installed on your Android Wear device and turn on/off the notification cards for specific events: new installations, upgrades, removals.

Wear Apps Tracker was appreciated among others by Android Police, with a full dedicated coverage (http://goo.gl/wGmJVJ) and the inclusion in the top 5 essential Android Wear apps (http://goo.gl/88odcb).
  • Free version available
  • android wear, wearables, smartwatch, app management
Target Users
  • Any Android Wear device user: the OS doesn't expose the features offered by Wear Apps Tracker, and anyone can benefit from this little app.
Available in the following app stores
Google Play, AppBrain, AndroidPit
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