Wear Counter
Count from your wrist! A magical tally counter for your Android Wear device.
Wear Counter is a simple, digital tally counter for your Android Wear device. Now with twist-to-count!

You can launch Wear Counter from the smartwatch Start... menu or you can just say "Ok Google, Start Counter" to get to it without a single tap!

Touch the screen to count, subtract a unit or reset the counter. Dismiss the app with a swipe to the right and continue to count directly fom your notification stream with the new Counter Card.

And with twist-to-count you can just twist your wrist to count: no taps required and you get one hand free!

Twist to count

1. Long press on the central button to turn twist-to-count ON;
2. Twist your wrist and put it back straight to add a unit! You can twist the wrist left or right and you'll feel a short vibration to confirm you just added a unit. Remember, you can still count with a tap!
- Long press again to turn twist-to-count OFF at any moment.


✓ Tap to add a unit

✓ Restart the counter

✓ Subtract one unit from the total

✓ Twist to count: use your tally counter without a single tap!

✓ Counter Card from your notification stream: tap the card to add a unit, swipe it on the left to reveal more actions: subtract a unit, reset the counter, open the fullscreen app

✓ Five languages supported: English, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese

✓ Launch the app with the "Start Counter" command

✓ Material Design inspired style

✓ Support for square and circular devices

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✓ Android Police http://goo.gl/Slf3ws

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✓ Droid Lessons http://goo.gl/n7ICJb

✓ AndroidWorld.it http://goo.gl/RYLuh9


Control vibration: to make your smartwatch vibrate when you tap or twist to count

Prevent phone from sleeping: to prevent your smartwatch screen to dim while counting in twist-to-count mode
  • Free version available
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  • android wear, tally counter, counting, smartwatch, sensors, wrist gestures, wearables tools
Target Users
  • Use cases scenarios varies: everyone who need a tally counter can benefit from Wear Counter! Especially useful when you need one free hand while counting.
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Google Play, AppBrain, AndroidPit
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