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Nowadays, GPS applications offer only four profiles of mobility: car, bus, bike and pedestrian.
Wegoto is a GPS mobile pedestrian application suitable for all profiles including people with disabilities (wheelchair, blind, etc.), and people using motorized mobility (roller, bicycle, scooter, etc.).

With its location-based surveys pedestrian roads, Wegoto is able to describe the accessibility of the pedestrian street and the accessibility of buildings entries. These surveys are conducted by a team Wegoto service.

Thus, the user chooses one of the seven profile and can find the entrance to the buildings more accessible to his profile. Then Wegoto offers him the most accessible route to get to this entry based on its profile. The level of access is visually proposed by four colors: green, yellow, orange and red. The black color indicates a innacessible road while blue indicates a road that has not been listed by Wegoto.

Moreover, Wegoto indicates the obstacles will meet users during their trips, such as projections obstacles for the visually impaired or the lack of tactile strips at crossings.

Wegoto also offers an adapted guidance to the user profile through innovative functionality such as "guide on request" that guides the person precisely to the next connection point which are located just ten meters on Wegoto wired.

Thus, thanks to Wegoto, you can get the most accessible pedestrian route according to your profile and so plannifier move to take the path that will bring up you safely to your destination.
Urban life, Travel and Tourism, Transport and Traffic
  • Accessibility,pedestrian, mobility, GPS, multimodal
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