Wheels, Mobility in Confidence
Mobility in Confidence
Wheels is a social network for mobility, where members offer and demand routes with their families to share their cars or taxis. Thus, in this network users can take, for each route, a role: passenger (Wheeler), driver (Driver) or sharer taxi (Taxi Sharer). This social network is a platform that serves to enable people to share their vehicles and / or taxi services for its recurrent trips such as going from home to work or college and vice versa routes. However, unlike the various initiatives of carpooling in the market, we guarantee to the users conditions of safety and security because people never interact with strangers, but with known people of confidence from three groups: friends (Facebook or friends who are in your contact list cell), colleagues (the university or work, can interact by having active institutional mail) and contacts (private groups for neighbors, private groups for people doing sports on weekends, etc).
Android, BlackBerry, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
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  • Mobility Sustainable Traffic Smart Cities
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  • Commuters
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