Wild Party Bingo
World's Most Social Bingo! FB/iOS/Android. Engage in outstanding multiplayer team Bingo fun!
Welcome to Wild Party Bingo, the world's MOST SOCIAL Bingo game!

That's right, MULTIPLAYER....like never before!
Our unique Teams feature allows you to join friends and co-operate, or compete with them!
We've added two main improvements to the classic game of Bingo; Booster Party and Power Ups.
With the Booster Party, your teamwork triggers a shower of goodies that improve your chances to Bingo!
PowerUps offer another level of gameplay, giving you 6 exciting ways to mix things up!
Powerups add strategy, excitement and wild swings:
Falling behind? No problem, play a Free Daub!
Is your whole team behind? Give them a "helping hand" and feel the love!
Did you miss something? Use the Spotter and find ones to catch up!
Got 'bad numbers'? Use Swap to get new numbers on those cards!
Feeling stressed, or phone rings? Play a Coffee Break and sit back to relax!
Someone in your #1 position? DISRUPT them! Being bad can be so fun!
The game features:
- play 1 to 6 cards
- 16 progressively difficult levels
- Booster Party bonus events
- 6 unique powerups
- teams or solo play
- chat
- persistent user profiles with stats
- unique friends lists
- gifting
- unique locations to party around the globe including Brazilian Carnival, Vegas, French Versailles and Kid's Party!
- special Blackout mode
- '1-click' social interactions
- wide selection of party music
Wild Party Bingo is easy to learn, but deep enough to keep you hooked. This game is focused on creating a truly social experience providing many ways to interact with your fellow Bingo players! Come join the Party!
Android, Flash Player, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
  • Wild Party Bingo - €0.75 (in-app purchases)
  • Bingo; Casino; Social; iGaming
Target Users
  • Content Rating Medium Maturity
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