WoooTrip Social Traveling App
Wootrip, a new way of traveling - make friends on your travels and discover other travelers!

Would you like to meet other travelers who are in your same hotel? Find other travelers who are in the same city with the same interests and are living your same experience? You just have to make a Wooopin! to come to a city and see all the Wooopies! that are around you and with whom you can share your adventures!

Discover Social Traveling with Woootrip!

Find companions in any city in the world who want to share the experiences of their trip: a visit to a museum, to find a cool secluded cafe , to plan a sightseeing route, or simply sharing sites you’ve discovered when you get to your hotel, making a Wooopin!

Woootrip is an easy and free application that unfolds the best of your travels for you in real time:

-Meet People around the world, chatting with them, and filter them according to your interests.
Exchange Live reviews.
Ask what you want to know in the city wall.
- Make comments on the things you like so that others can share your best experience.

Woootrip - the social traveling App

Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
Travel and Tourism, Social Media
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Target Users
  • travelers
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