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World Spotlight is an easy-to-use, free app that helps your to discover new places to visit. With about 3000 videos around the world, you can explore your favorite places to check where to go on next holiday.

The world has full of stunning places. There are several places that you should visit. Travelling is indeed a great way for anyone to explore new places, meet new people, experience different dining options and acquire great travel experiences. So, travelling could definitely enable you to acquire great and memorable experiences that you can cherish. It is highly recommended that you plan ahead of time your travel schedule. One effective way to plan your travel ahead of time is through watching travel videos of some people.

Probably, it is impossible to view some travel videos. Well, development and existence of World Spotlight made it possible for anyone to discover new places. Checking out some videos will help travelers determine which next place to visit.

How does World Spotlight Works?
Travelling is fun. However, it is essential that you plan your travel and you have ideas about the place that you are going to visit in order to avoid some problems. World Spotlight is a reliable and useful application that you can use to know things about certain places through watching videos. It has more than 3000 videos that feature different places where you can visit on your next vacation. You can use it to share your travel experiences to other people who also love travelling.

Perks and Features of World Spotlight
This app is a world-class and easy to use application that comes with stunning features. To use it is highly recommend since it guides travellers about their prospect travel destination. It gives ideas about things to expect in certain places that the user wants to visit. Aside from getting ideas about top-notched destinations, World Spotlight also suggests best activities to do in different places. You can check out activities in the place such as motor sports, scuba diving, SkyDive and more.

Features offered are listed below:
★ Easy to Find Videos of Places that you want to visit.
World Spotlight has the capacity to allocate videos worldwide. In line with this, you can easily locate videos in the world map that you want to view and visit. Seeing these videos will help determine whether to visit or not to visit the place.

★ Easy to search using keyword.
You can actually get a glimpse on your next adventure by means of searching the place using keyword related to it.

★ Enlisting your favorite video as your favorite.
In case you found a video and you want to watch it again later, save it in your list of favorites.

★ Add your own videos
Adding videos in the application is easy through using video sharing platform like YouTube. You can add videos by opening and watching it at YouTube. All you have to do is choose place where you filmed the video in order to add the video.

★ Video Sharing
This app allows users to share nice and relevant videos which could help other users as well. You can share your travel experience as well. Users can share videos with their friends though WhatsApp, Facebook and other platforms.

★ Report a Video
Help us to improve contents of the application by means of reporting videos that you found mismatch. You can also report any problems that you encountered.

★ Have it in your language
The application is actually translated into up to 12 languages.

About Us
Developer of World Spotlight aims to help many travelers find best way to locate best travel destinations. We are high passionate team interested in the innovations.

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  • We are targeting young travelers from 20 to 45 years who are passionate about travelling and adventure. Those who are eager to explore cities differently via hand-picked videos available on our app.
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