Worldfixr enables you to accurately report defects and issues in the public domain and keep track of them as your local government takes action. Help make our world better!
Worldfixr brings the power of ticketing systems to the physical world, aiming at helping local governments crowd-source asset management. It enables anyone with a smart phone to accurately report issues and defects in the public domain - such as dangerous road damage - eliminating duplicate reporting and improving the quality of information provided both about the issue and its stage of resolution.

The user provides a description of the issue, the location, and photographic (one or more photos) documentation. This information is then sent to the relevant responsible group - such as local government or utility provider determined by issue type and location - where the user is then keep up to date with the actions taken to resolve the issue.

Where multiple images are added, an automatic server-side reconstruction process can produce a 3D model of the issue, that can aid the repair process and analysis.

Currently we are tracking:
- road defects
- side walk defects
- graffiti
- accidents
- illegal dumping
and more.

Please note: still in development: Currently a html5 app we still have to package it with webworks or phonegap
  • Free version available
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  • philanthropic, government, crowd-sourcing
Target Users
  • Anyone who uses roads, public transport, pavements, traffic lights, utilities, or parks who has an interest in helping to keep them safe and well-looked-after.
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