An online mall that looks to revolutionize eCommerce by making it more human
Wuelto is an innovative way to connect with the people and things you love. In Wuelto you can go shopping at a large online mall with your friends form the comfort of your smartphone, allowing you to discover the coolest and most innovative products in a totally new and fun way. It allows people to create lists of the things they like, allowing you to always give the perfect gift!
For stores and brands, Wuelto provides an important window where you can market your products, interact with your customers and gain followers. You can browse and connect to your followers on a platform that will give you the option of purchasing everything you see.
Thanks to Wuelto the user will not only enjoy the product but also the way the got it. We revolutionized the system of buying and selling online for you. We don’t only believe there is a better way to do things, we actually do them!
Latin America is the fastest growing eCommerce in the world after Asia, with sales of more than $64 billion in 2014. Even though there are numerous marketplace models in the region, there is not one that acts like an online shopping mall in where users buy beyond need allowing them to explore and buy from emotion. Wuelto is a marketplace with social network capabilities that looks to revolutionize eCommerce by making it more human. It provides shoppers and stores with the ability to freely interact with one another and share their experiences in real time. In addition, it creates the opportunity to learn more about the likes of the people you love, giving you the ability of surprising them with the perfect gift.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
  • 3.0.9 - FREE (Android )
Social Media, Shopping
  • Shopping, ecommerce, social network, trendy, fashion, mall, online mall, commerce, buy and sell, discover, follow, stores, brands, like, shopping list, wishlist, gifts, social shopping, latin america
Target Users
  • Women and Men in the millennial generation that like to shop online and be connected with their friends
Available in the following app stores
Google Play, iTunes, iPad App Store
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