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Want to know the trending & popular tweets from Twitter?

xRanky is a FREE app that ranks Twitter posts from the last hour based on the post engagements.

It becomes really easy to track the most popular tweets and trending topics on your Twitter timeline. You get to know of the tweet popularity based on engagement (likes, retweets & replies) and the audience size.

xRanky fetches the most interesting tweets in texts, photos or videos. With these, you can easily decide what to tweet and when to tweet. It becomes easy to decide the time of the hour when tweets gain most engagement.

xRanky is the perfect Twitter tool to know what’s trending on Twitter!

It keeps away all irrelevant tweets by filtering the best tweets from the past hour. With the knowledge of the trending & viral tweets, you can even get ideas on what to tweet and when to tweet to gain more popularity on Twitter.

Whether you are using a Twitter Business Account or Personal Account, the xRanky tool is very handy!

◉ Log in your Twitter account
◉ Tweets from the last hour will be ranked and sorted
◉ Want to refresh tweets? Just swipe down!
◉ Get in touch with your favorite tweeters on the VIP area
◉ Like, retweet or reply to tweets directly from the xRanky app
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  • The app can be used for personal or business purpose getting insights, breaking news, competitive analysis (bloggers, journalists, traders, companies, marketing agencies, etc).
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