Your OPinion Platform
Yopp, Your Opinion Platform. Your opinion can change your environment. Yopp promotes the development of citizen participation instances in decision-making, management and monitoring.

- Give your opinion and discover the opinion of the rest of the users, audience opinion and public opinion.
- Make your own survey, poll, quiz, inquest or study and discover what other users think about it.
- A place to express your opinion about the last restaurant you went, your favorite sport's team, the decisions of your town council or political party
- Suggest your own questions, polls, surveys or quizes and know what other people thinks about them.
- Create private groups to make private questions for your friends and relatives.
- A place to debate, discuss, suggest and change your environment giving your opinion.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
News, Opinion and Books, Empower citizens
  • opinion, public participation, poll, survey, instance, government, smartcities
Target Users
  • Universal
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Google Play, AppBrain, iTunes, Amazon App Store, iPad App Store
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