We have created yourInstantApp, an android application that makes use of the Open data provided by our cities and gives this information to you, the citizen.
yourInstantApp (yIA) allows everyone to make its very own application on his own mobile device. It puts city open data to serve the citizen just the way he needs: it suits the city to the citizen. A yIA app gathers open data, mixes them, visualizes them and lets the user to interact with them. In 3 simple steps users can create a yIA app. Users can easily create, save, run and share applications.
  • Free version available
Urban life, Travel and Tourism, Transport and Traffic, Social Media
  • smart city, city, create, app, information, place, guide, share, social, tourism, transports, news
Target Users
  • Since the beginning of the developing we were really concerned about the usability. Thus, yIA would be able to adapt to every user needs, providing him with an intuitive and easy interface to create and run his yIA apps. In this case, the target users de
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