YouRoam allows you to make and receive calls on your own cell phone number anywhere in the world for free or very inexpensively over WiFI and data.
YouRoam lets you make and receive calls on YOUR cell number anywhere in the world over WiFi, 3G or LTE for free or really cheap!


◆ Free phone calls and texting with all your contacts that have YouRoam through WiFi or 3G. Never pay for roaming or long distance calls! It’s a great app for international travel to avoid roaming and long distance calling.

Works with iOS and other phones and tablets!

◆ With the FREE YouRoam app, you will be able to:
• Make/receive calls to and from YouRoam users for free anywhere in the world
• Send and receive instant messages to YouRoam users for free
• Messenger lets you send pictures and emoticons. Free texting!
• Messenger also lets you start group chats to talk to your friends
• Access your contacts to make free calls
• Receive missed calls, even when your phone is off
• Store and check voicemails
• See your data usage for each call and know whether the call was made through WiFi, 3G or LTE.
• Use messenger and make free calls on phones or tablets, even with no service plan and just WiFi!

◆ Make calls to any phone that doesn’t have YouRoam for really cheap!

◆ When you travel, receive calls on YOUR OWN phone number and avoid roaming bills!

• Make inexpensive local or long distance calls using your caller ID over WiFi or 3G.
• Don't use any minutes or texts by calling through the app
• Receive calls to any US or Canada cellphone number from anywhere in the world over WiFi or 3G for 1cent/min
• Smart Caller ID- See who the unknown caller is and ignore unwanted calls

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FREE: Free phone calls and free texting to any YouRoam user for free! Free voicemail system and see all your missed calls, even when your phone is off! YouRoam is free to download for iOS and other phones and tablets. Make unlimited local or international free calls to any user of YouRoam App.

YOUR PHONE NUMBER: Use your cell phone number, caller ID and your phone all over the world to make free or cheap calls. Make cheap calls showing your own caller ID to most phones in the world. Also receive calls on your own US and Canada phone number over WiFi or 3G from anywhere in the world!

SMART CALLER ID: With our premium caller ID feature, you can see exactly who is calling you even if they aren't in your phone book! Receive all your calls when you travel. Anyone you call will see your cellphone number on their caller ID.

3G,4G,LTE,WiFi: Receive calls on your own telephone number over WiFi or mobile data. Track your data usage for each call and see if the call was made on Wifi or 3G. WiFi calls using your own phone number!

HD CALLS: YouRoam's call quality is better than mobile calls! Make free phone calls with other YouRoam users for the best sound quality.

◆ Call forwarding into YouRoam is currently for US and Canada only. Works with Verizon,AT&T , T-Mobile (contract), Sprint, Rogers and most carriers that allow call forwarding. Data rates, call forwarding fees and text messaging fees from your carrier may apply. See if your US carrier allows call forwarding to receive calls (T-Mobile prepay does not, Metro and Canada providers charges a few dollars/month). Call forwarding also uses your cellphone minutes for a local call. We recommend using a WiFi connection, local sim card or large data plan. Fair usage policy and T&C applies.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
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Target Users
  • Businesses that have employees that travel internationally. Businesses that need to make and receive calls internationally. Individual travelers who need to stay in contact while traveling abroad.
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