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Transportation of bicycles, tires and rims? Do you want to send suitcases and bags or transport bulky goods and unit load (LTL)?You can receive offers for your transports without charge or obligation. In the transport and freight portal zipmend you will only find verified carriers. These will submit you an offer for your cargo. You save lengthy phone calls, you create your order in a fast and easy way, you can directly contract a carrier and you can track your shipment.
For shippers it works this way:1) Record and publish your order2) Receive bids on your order3) Contract your transport4) Track your shipment
As a carrier you will only find actual orders in the transport and freight portal. You can directly submit a bid on an order and you only have to enter your data once. You can also dispatch your received orders to your drivers or execute them by your own. You save unnecessary phone calls, time-consuming price negotiations and you don't have to chase after people.
For carriers it works this way:1) Find an order2) Check the details3) Submit a bid4) Receive a transport
For drivers it works this way:1) Receive a new transport2) Execute the transport and set the status
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Transport and Traffic
  • transportation, bulky goods, heavy goods, carrier, shipper, shipping for private persons,
Target Users
  • 1) People who want to shipt heavy and bulky goods (no parcel); Mainly private persons 2) Transportion companys; Mainly for furniture transportation and part loads
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