ZoeMob - Your Family Safety Service
ZoeMob is a Mobile Behavioral Monitoring Platform that employs advanced techniques for collecting, processing, analyzing and taking actions for generating intelligent automated applications.

ZoeMob is a robust highly scalable cloud-based platform for mobile applications capable of handling heavy data traffic generated by location data, environment, context and human behavior in the real world.

By analysing the pattern of user mobility (location and geo-fencing) and comunications (SMS / Calls) thru advanced algorithms, ZoeMob platform can predict his activities and alert if there is any un-natural behavior or suggests benefits based on his/hers habits.

The first product in the ZoeMob platform is a Mobile Family Safety Service for smartphones and tablets. This service has reached more than 1.4 million of users in dozens of countries. ZoeMob Family Safety is the most complete choice for parents who wish to ensure their children and family members are protected and safe all day long.

ZoeMob users can to monitor their loved ones location by mobile app or web dashboard and receive alerts if they arrive or left a place like school, home, shopping or any other place. But they can do even more like to monitor calls, sms, make callbacks and receive and send messages from and to kids by the private channel Family Messenger.

ZoeMob was idealized in 2010 by Daniel Avizú and Helio Freitas, and established on April/2011 after receiving their first investment from angel investor Cassio Spina, a former entrepreneur with 25 years of experience in the tech sector and founder of Anjos do Brasil angel network.
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  • ZoeMob - 9,99 (USD dollar)
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Target Users
  • Parents who wish to ensure their children and family members are protected and safe all day long
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