Zombie Piñata
The once adorable piñatas have mutated into not so adorable Zombies!
Zombie Piñata is an action packed game for the iPhone and iPod touch, fight your way through over 30 stages of pure madness while fighting the now evil piñatas, find their lair deep in the Mayan archeological site and face the biggest zombie piñata of them all: Piñaton!

-Travel around some of Mexico’s most famous cities and scenery whacking all the piñatas in your way, clean each town and free the land from this zombie infestation.

-More than anything, piñatas fear the might of the whacking stick, improve your skills with upgradable combos and get power ups to turn your piñata stick into the legendary “Master Stick”

-Visit the totally groovy “Cheke’s Specialty Shop” for grenades, extra ammo and improvements to your gun to increase the chances to survive as you face hordes and hordes of zombie piñatas and the people they have turned into zombies.

-Use every weapon and special item at your disposal, use them all as you dish out justice piñata style!
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Zombie Piñata (Zombie Pinata) - .99
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  • "side scroller", "beat-em up", action, zombie, pinata,
Target Users
  • elementary school up to high school students, 18-35 year old players.
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