Greek developers and Startups sign up your mobile applications. [email protected]

We are a few weeks away from [email protected] which is a cross-platform mobile showcase, we are really excited to be received your submissions to be able to pitch your cool application in front of the local mobile community in Athens.

We are looking for any platform mobile application even if it is in prototype form, we just need a working app (we accept glitches, just make sure you can demo it properly) and the will to pitch in front of a live audience. The feedback you will get will be worth the effort. So step right up and join the show!

An announcement of the “ring leaders” (jury) will be done shortly, so your app will be shown to some experts in the field which is not a bad way to start getting in front of key people in the mobile space.

Dates for [email protected]

APPCircus will be November 5th, the event will be at the Benaki Museum in Athens, the address is 138 Pireos Street. More info.

The deadline to submit your application will be 3rd of November.

Signup for APPCircus and be part of APPCircus in Athens, we are really excited about the showcase and we like to showcase your app!

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