3 tents have been setup to display mobile talents from Austria, France and Italy

Now the entrepreneurs, Startups and companies selected for the events at [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] will have a chance to get some live feedback on their proposals and also their pitch. Get ready for a great show, we will be using a mobile application to capture the voting. Make sure you come down to APPCircus and have a look at the apps being presented and the teams behind those innovations.

We are really excited to see what the European mobile scene matches against other AppCircus events in Asia and America. That is why we want to offer a truly open cross-platform mobile showcase and we are delivering it directly to your city, thanks to the great local organizers that have teamed up with APPCircus.

There is excitement in the air and we will see how the audience votes for what they believe is the best app of the night, which lands an opportunity to compete at the Mobile Premier Awards 2011 in Barcelona, during the Mobile World Congress.

Sorry but we are past the deadline for all of these events! But you can still register your app and apply to pitch at another APPCircus event in this list.

After the event make sure to tag your photos and videos with the hashtag #appcircus, so we can get them published in our blog. We will not be announced the winner right away, there must be some suspense at the Circus so this can be a true show and we can make sure the voting was done correctly, so no hard feelings sprout.

We look forward to connecting with you in our Twitter account, @AppCircus. Wishing all the presenters the best of luck and hoping to see the apps in Barcelona next year.

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