Meet the apps presenting at [email protected] M-days.

This is going to be a great show, already the AppCircus ring leaders have chosen six mobile applications to showcase at MobileMonday Demo Nigh during the M-Days conference in Frankfurt, Germany.

Now you can take a peek at the Mobile apps seleceted:

DailyPlaces. This is a social recommendation platform for places, taking “game dynamics” so you can get recommendations from your friends.

FastDove. A cloud messaging mobile application, which lets you send SMS messages to more than 100 countries with just one fix fee and lets you manage all your messages in a web application or on your mobile phone.

Gbanga. A game app to play a mixed-reality quests that combines business interests from companies with the players using the gaming platform. They offer a micropayments platform inside the game.

theSteward. An application to create your own loyalty program. You can publish adverts, promotions and anything you need to get start a loyalty card program for your customers via a mobile phone.

Date Radar. If you want to find someone locally to arrange a blind date, chat or explore different relationship possibilities this dating application is for you. You do not need to create a profile, creating a real blind dating app.

TheftAware. An applictation made to safeguard root access to your Android or Symbian phone. You can control your phone remotely, protects your contacts and it does not require an Internet connection.

Location of [email protected] M-Days.

As you can see the local organizers from Mobile Monday Germany have done a spectacular job in bringing local experts to judge the mobile applications being submitted to APPCircus.

Remember that the winning app will be selected by the audience LIVE at the event venue. So be sure to drop by on January 27th at the Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1 (Messe Frankfurt GmbH) you can RSVP here.

Submit your applications for the next APPCircus.

We are sorry that you cannot apply to pitch in this edition of APPCircus M-Days 2011, but if you would like to submit your apps for the next event, it is FREE and this will get your application to be eligible for other events of APPCircus. Sign up in APPCircus and get a chance to pitch in the next edition of APPCircus in the city of Frankfurt.

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