Prize money from CityGrid for each app – [email protected]

CityGrid is offering $1000 to every app that get’s on stage at AppCircus that is using there API, you can sign up to get a Mashery ID and apply to win. This [email protected] event will be one of the biggest mobile showcase’s we will do this 2011, a lot of surprises will be happening in Austin.

So you can start to build the next big local app using CityGrid APIs for a chance to win $1,000. If any of the 10 finalists build their app on the CityGrid APIs  we will reward each of them with $1K.

CityGrid APIs give you access to rich, local business listings to create new local destinations. We also provide tools to completely power your local search experience and extra features such as reviews and deals. Learn more at

Submit your mobile applications to APPCircus.

Make sure to submit your apps for the event, it is FREE and this will get your application to be eligible for other events of APPCircus. Sign up in APPCircus and get a chance to pitch at SXSW in front of developers and companies during the biggest event in North America.

Follow us on twitter to get more information of other venues that are hosting an @APPCircus.

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