AppCircus All-Stars – dayviews at South by South West Interactive.

Things are moving and the AppCircus team is working with Mashery to bring only the best apps from our mobile showcase world tour to [email protected] event, this is a new format that we are launching at South by Southwest Music and Media Conference (SXSW® Interactive).

AppCircus All-Stars.

There are more than 35 apps that have won an AppCircus event or Categories before the celebration of the 2011 Mobile Premier Awards. This is a new season and we are commited to showcase the newest and most innovative mobile applications from around the world. That is the reason for creating this special format, so you can see on stage previous winners from AppCircus, we are calling this elite category AppCircus All-Stars.

These mobile applications will be joining us for special events such as Circus Mashimus, where we will be showcasing apps in several days and we want the spotlight for apps that have pitch in another part of the world. To enable a growing mobile ecosystem on a global scale.

Agenda [email protected]

The first two days of AppCircus will be mobile applications that have participated in previous showcase’s. The last day will be a full on AppCircus where one app will win to get a nomination slot to be on stage for the 2012 Mobile Premier Awards and join the AppCircus All-Stars group. All three days are open to the public to watch the show and enjoy from refreshments at the Mashimus Circus.

March 12 & 13 – AppCircus All-Stars

Each day, a couple of the 2011 Mobile Premier Award nominees and winners will be showcased and demoing their winning Apps.

March 14 – [email protected]

Deadline: March 2nd.

The big show, the “call for apps” will be open until the 2nd of March. So make sure to sign up at AppCircus, upload the information for the application you want to pitch and then apply for [email protected] event.

  • Welcome and introduction to AppCircus.
  • Supporters presentations.
  • 10 App presentations and Jury feedback.
  • Audience voting and Networking.
  • Winner announcement.

Submit your mobile applications to AppCircus.

Make sure to submit your apps for the event, it is FREE and this will get your application to be eligible for other events of APPCircus. Sign up in AppCircus and get a chance to pitch at SXSW in front of developers and companies during the biggest event in North America.

Follow us on twitter to get more information of other venues that are hosting an @AppCircus.

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