The apps are out! App artists presenting at AppCircus in London.

The online jury has decided on the best 10 mobile apps to present their creations at the New Digital Economics Executive Brainstorm & Developer Forum that is taking place from May 11th to 13th at the Guoman Tower Hotel in London. AppCircus is proud to get this finalists the opportunity to pitch on stage right after the Mobile Apps 2.0 event.

The AppCircus is a FREE event, from 6pm to 10pm on the 12th of May for up to 200 developers and the  delegates from the New Digital Economics event. If you would like to attend the showcase to view the 10 live app pitches and get an opportunity to speak to them, you can RSVP here. Don’t hesitate last minute, the place is filling up quickly!

We could not be more excited about the diversity of apps that will be showcased at the AppCircus in London.

The selected apps that will be presenting are:

LifeShow Player. This mobile application upgrades a TV or tablet into a remotely controlled picture frame, simply and rapidly.

OneGratis Loyalty Card. An app that takes those paper based Buy 10 get 1 free loyalty cards and puts them on your smartphone.

Congestion Charge Check. A tool for commute drivers to the City, application you can check whether you are in the London Congestion charging zone and in at a time when you need to pay.

Masabi Ticket Machine. This application allows almost all mobile users to search for and purchase tickets on their handset using a credit or debit card and then display it on-screen as a secure 2D barcode or human-readable ticket.

ColorMatchGirl. This app is loaded with features to help you look your best. Made for Women of All Colors ColorMatchGirl was designed as a tool for any woman and every woman!

ChargeLocator. Locate your Electrical Vehicle Charging Station efficiently and quickly! get a charge!

acrossair. An augmented reality browser application that functions as a navigator to get you to the nearest location of your choice. It is also packed full of additional information on points of interest near and around you.

Conde Nast Traveller Guides. Simply point your phone in a direction and it will bring up images of nearby attractions, which you can narrow down by type. You can also use GPS to pull up venue locations on a map.

Kliqed. This app is developed to help busy people meet with their friends by taking into account their calendar time availability. It works in the background sending kliqs that suggest times when friends will be free to meet.

ArtSpotter. It’s about what’s going on in the art world: Galleries, public art, street art, fairs, popup shops, studios, student shows and everything in between. Art can be found anywhere: Artspotter will work all over the world.

We will be posting about the jury that will be at the event judging these apps later this week.

Here’s the preliminary agenda:

6.25pm: Welcome and introductions
6.30pm: First Act – Leading Platforms present
6.50pm: 2nd Act – 10 Apps present with jury feedback
7.50pm: Thanks and jury deliberation
8.00pm: Networking, Voting and Winner announcement
9.30pm: Close

Upcoming AppCircus event:

If you are a mobile developer, Startup or company and would like to be part of AppCircus, please sign up to our global platform and hope to see you at a nearby event. For event organizers, if you are interested in hosting an AppCircus in your city, please contact us.

See you all at an AppCircus near you! Remember to follow us on twitter @AppCircus.

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