The Jury panel for the mobile showcase of Bogotá .

AppCircus is ready to open the show for the mobile showcase in Colombia, this will happen during the AppCircus in Bogotá, 10 apps will pitch in front of the jury and will be introduced to the local mobile industry. We have gathered a couple of people with mobile expertise to come and judge the mobile applications that are the finalists. This is the jury that will analyse them.

Jury for AppCircus in Bogotá.

These are people in Colombia will be at hand to judge every one of the cross platform applications on stage for the mobile showcase, we are glad to have such a broad angle of experts on hand to select the winner. They are in no particular order:

Hans Christian Boehlke

Since 1995 Hans Christian has specialized in building technology ventures that supply value for emerging markets. He is involved in social projects that can be supported by technology that help the lowest income people.

Hernán A. Cruz Bernal

Graduated with a Bachelor’s in Marketing from Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano specializing in Digital Creation and Multimedia. He has 14 years experience in the information technology industry in all the areas of marketing and public relations. He is the CEO and Head of Projects at Hi Media Digital. He also is scholar at the following Universities in Bogotá, like: U. Jorge Tadeo Lozano, U. Central, U. Piloto de Colombia y U. Sergio Arboleda.

Juan Carlos Valderrama

More than 5 years experience managing processes for identifying, negotiation, acquisition and technology transfer, making competitive strategies for technology markets, developing an innovation strategy and prospective analysis of technology deployments. Currently works for Telefónica Colombia in charge of the Bluevia initiative.

Juan Andrés Beltrán Sarmiento

Currently the head of Educared from Fundación Telefónica en Colombia, he is leading all the activities towards the enhacement the education through IT.

We look forward to seeing the apps pitch live on stage and get some feedback from the jury panel. We would also like to thank Telefónica and Bluevia for supporting this event and hopefully we can do more cities in the near future.

For more information on the event please visit AppCircus in Bogotá. Remember that the show starts on August 11th at 6:30pm. So be there!

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