TheHand – won the showcase in Bogotá.

Ten mobile applications pitched on stage at the Auditorio Principal in Fundación Telefónica yesterday. So a winner will have the opportunity to be nominated for the Mobile Premiere Awards, which are held during the Mobile World Congress.

A big thank you goes out to the main organizers at Adobe User Group Colombia, this is our first event in Bogotá and it was a great vibe from mobile community in Colombia. All the mobile developers and entrepreneurs got a chance to look at a mobile showcase that is traveling around the world and finishing at the Mobile Premier Awards 2012 in Barcelona, hopefully the winner from this event can be on stage.

After all the App Artists made their pitch, the jury had to decide which application would be going home the winner from AppCircus in Bogotá, we hope that everyone enjoyed the live presentations, but the panel needs to make their choice who comes out the winner based on the apps overall achievements. So the winning app is:

TheHand came on top at the AppCircus in Bogotá.

It is really interesting to see that we are seeing a trend in mobile applications using 3D animations, the winner from Paris also had technology related to 3d effects and using them for media consumers. TheHand is focusing on the hearing impaired and also for people that do not understand sign language, they where selected as the overall winner for providing a technology that can be used globally.

Congratullations to the winner!

TaxiSeguro another notable app.

The other app that deserve’s a mention is TaxiSeguro who did a great pitch and also made a good case in point about their business model which let the jury members with a tough decision to do. We would also like to thank the rest of the participants for being on stage to pitch their app and showcase their creation to their peers in AppCircus.

Last but not least we would like to thank everyone of you who showed up to support the local developer and mobile ecosystem in Bogotá, with out you we would not have such a great vibe at the event. Thank you all and also our sponsors who support our traveling mobile showcase.

Agenda for AppCircus in Latin America.

These are the cities where the mobile showcase will be heading to:

If you are a mobile developer, Startup or company and would like to be part of AppCircus, please sign up to our global platform and hope to see you at a nearby event. For event organizers, if you are interested in hosting an AppCircus in your city, please contact us.

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