Selected apps in Berlin

Here we are, ready to introduce you to the latest selected apps that will compete in Berlin.

AppCircus is ready to stand up at SocialMedia Week in Germany, next 22nd of September at Aufbau Haus, Moritz Platz, Berlin.

It actually is the Social Media Week main event and location hosted by MTV Networks!

Remember you can tell your friends to come to see you perform, as the event is free for everyone! They just need to sign up at the Visitors list you can find online.

Congrats to all the selected developers!
Remember this chance is a great moment to introduce your creation to a larger audience, so get ready to prepare your best speech!
To the non-selected developers… Don’t worry… You will have more opportunities coming up, as fortunatelly AppCircus is constantly touring around the world! So just stay tunned to our calendar and check which other editions are ok for you.
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