AppCircus Bologna Winner

AppCircus arrived yesterday to Bologna to portrait the best mobile apps of the region, and now we are ready to announce the results:

FullControl has won the best showcase of apps in Bologna:

FullControl can control all of your applications, because each of you can simply create your own commands for each application and share them with others. It allows you to access the contents of folders on your Mac and launch files with the program of your choice!

The jury also wanted to give a special mention to Trigonon, the runnerup:

Trigonon is a puzzle game which leads you into an amazing journey inside your mind. Explore 40 different areas of your mind across 3 different environments. Use barriers to alter the path of a thought, and capture it using positive energy.

We’d like to thank Alessandro Rizzoli for your commitment and your kindness; and also send a big “thank you” to the jury, you made the tough job!

It has been a real pleasure to be at the University of Bologna and contact with the local community of developers. The Aula Magna is an impressive venue! And a good happy hour buffet offered by GetConnected. Very good vine and delicious sandwiches!

We really hope to be back soon!

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