Selected apps at AppCircus Moscow

Meet the latest news about AppCircus in Moscow next December 7th:

The jury members will be:

1. Nikita Parfenov, associate at “Bricolage Venture Fund”: BSc, International College of Economics and Finance (Higher School of Economics), BSc, Banking and Finance (London School of Economics and Political Science, U. of London). Nikita is strategically focused on seeking out new IT and software startups that can become leaders in the markets they are operating on. Both for investing and/or entering the team and doing value-add.

2. Kirill Petrov, Head of Innovations Department in “i-Free”: PhD in Economics, St. Petersburg University of Engineering and Economics, Kirill is one of the founders of i-Free and Head of i-Free Innovations.  Kirill Petrov has authored a series of publications on strategy and innovation in mobile content.

3. Valentin Merzlikin, Director of “ProstoGAMES”: MS in Economics, Novosibirsk State University, Valentin is a professional specializing in casual and mobile games industry. He is CEO, ProstoGAMES (2011 – Present), Contract software development company and games developer and VP, Mobile Platforms, Alawar Entertainment (2010 – 2011).

4. Igor Barinov, Head of “Hint Solutions”, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Information technology; his professional interests are mobile apps development and digital publishing. Since 2006 Igor is a head of “Hint Solutions”.

5. Dmitry Tsymbal, Head of “Antares Software”: Antares Software is creating applications for different mobile devices: telephones, smart-phones, touch-phones, multi-touch devices, communicators, navigators, mini-pads, pocket PCs, netbooks and other gadgets, some of which aren’t even available in the market yet.

6. Roman Sidorenko, Partner at the Untitled venture company: Sevastopol National Technical University, WantMore is a world class innovator in digital & interactive formats. WantMore is pushing the boundaries on new ways to engage audiences in today’s connected world.

And our Selected Apps:

PingPongSolo Anaglyph 3D: Meetthe ping-pong world. Here you can feel the excitement and intensity that invariably sizzles when a stray ball begins to collide with the paddle.
Baby DJ:Now every kid can easily become a king or queen of the dance floor all being made possible by this incredible application!
Toozla: It tells you about objects surrounding you – automatically, in your language, for free.
Total Defence 3D: It’s a Full 3D science fiction tower defence!
Bookla: “Teremok”: Bookla it’s a series of media books and games: Teremok for iPad Based on the Russian folk tale “Teremok”
Musaic Box: Musaic Box is an unusual combination of musical puzzle and a detective quest. Its scenario offers you a riddle: to find the old organ master who has vanished
inTaxi: free application for a taxi call in Moscow and St.-Petersburg. – You choose the best variant from offered by taxi stations.

Синг группы Би-2: With this application you will be able to hear the new single, Optimist”a popular Russian band on your iPad.

Draw and ride: is a physics game build on AndEngine physic engine.

Coinkeeper: CoinKeeper helps managing personal finances like hundreds of other apps but makes it innovative and different.

Enjoy our showcase by coming as an spectator! Just by clicking here you can book a spot for free!

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