Selected Apps in AppCircus San Francisco

As AppCircus will be stoppping in San Francisco in just a couple of days, all the regional developers know where to go on November 30st: to the AppNation Conference, at the San Francisco Design Center (635 8th Street, San Francisco, California 94103)!

AppNation is the first conference to focus entirely on the business of apps and their transformative impact on consumer and enterprise technology, devices, commerce, media and social interaction. It will continue this discussion and drill deeper into the latest opportunities, risks and ever-changing business strategies defining today’s mobile app and connected device economy. If you’d like to attend to AppCircus at AppNation without submitting an app, register with discount code “AN3PT100” on the AppNation website and get 20% off.

Check the selected apps in advance!

TypeSmartTypeSmart has many features not found in any other keyboard replacement for Android, it’s highly customizable and multi-language support!!
Life360 Family LocatorLife360 enables families to see where their loved ones are located, when they need help and what the threats might be around them.
TagwhatTagwhat is a mobile location guide that lets you visually explore your surroundings through premium multimedia content.
Tingle: Tingle is a mobile dating network launching initially as an application for the iPhone.
HadzaHadza is a way to build and experience collective and emotional storytellings through videos and photos, perfectly synchronized in time.

Siine Writer Pioneer EditionSiine is a London/Barcelona team working on the coolest keyboard for touchscreen devices!

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