AppCircus Academy Madrid Selected Apps

It’s time to announce the selected apps that will pitch at AppCircus Academy in Madrid!

Just a week ahead of this special event and here’s who’s going to be on the stage at the Universidad Carlos lll de Madrid to present their app.

AppCircus Academy will combine an AppCircus showcase together with a range of free talks and workshops for mobile developers.
You can check the program in this here and get registered easily on the event page.
We have limited spots! Do it now before it’s too late.

Congratulations to all the selected developers!

iVuelos: Real-time information on flights worldwide. For travelers or if you expect someone at the airport, essential. Good looks, easy and fast handling.

UC3M Mapas: Our goal with this application is the location of classrooms, offices, places of interest and people within the different campuses that comprise the university. We work on indoor location and people, while ensuring accessibility and integration in different mobile platforms.
Wymob: The best way to move, optimize your time, be located all the time, keep in touch with your friends, report incidents… Anticipates jams, calculate your route, find your friends, tell your friends where you are exactly and much more…
Hazte con Madrid: This tool collects all the free options (or very cheap) of leisure, cultural and entertainment capital. The app also calculates and displays the path you must follow to reach them on foot or by car.

TestelDroid: TestelDroid is meant to be a tool for monitoring parameters and traffic in Android based devices, in order to characterize the behavior of cellular communications. The information retrieved can be logged and exported for further analysis with other tools, such as Wireshark.
Balanced Scorecard: The control of your Business in the Palm of your Hand, a complete Dashboard that lets you Monitor the Progress of your Business Strategy and Design your own Balanced Scorecard . You can Control the Success of your Strategy each month through the Measurement of most Important Indicators.
Travtant: Travel Assistant: This applications allows users to store the main locations (monuments, museums, hotels, restaurants,…) they want to see during their trip. It also allows users to mark the places they have visited and know the distance to the rest, so they can design their own itinerary.
Doolphy: Doolphy is your online project management tool that helps you to plan, check and control all your projects and tasks. Define your goals, collaborate, work with your team and track the progress of your projects.
Feebbo_ES: This app lets users win money participating in market research from companies. It´s a fast way to get answer from users that let companies get enough information to create goods, take decisions or promos as costumer wants.
Recetario: Over 2500 recipes available without being connected to the network to find one.You can search the recipes either by name or by the main ingredient, or just by browsing a list of very intuitive menus.
But remember that if you are not part of the list you still have a great chance to be part of the AppCircus showcase! We just launched the Online Competition, a contest where everyweek the AppCircus community votes for their favourite app. Don’t miss the chance.

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