First Online Competition Winner App

We have the first Online Competition winner app!

This has been the first weekly AppCircus online Competition: besides the classic on stage AppCircus showcase, now you can give to your app the visibility it needs by submitting it to our online contest. Then, get as many votes as possible, you can even tell your pals to vote for your application and make it to the Mobile Premier Awards!

Every week, the AppCircus community selects a winner by popular vote. We have integrated with Twitter to make it easier for you to share with your peers and get as many votes for your app as possible! How does it work? Easy: submit your app to the online competition and start voting!

Check out what’s “Food 2 u” about, our winner app can be very useful!

Food2u is a totally free app allowing you to order delivery food with greater ease, speed and convenience. With only 3 clicks you can choose your menu and where you want to enjoy it without making any call, reducing the waiting time, facilitating the selection and processing the order with no additional cost. Food2u works with the best take away restaurants (food to be collected or delivered) from each city to ensure the best service for the customer and the restaurant.

Remember you have a chance to win a Nomination to the Mobile Premier Awards.

Everyone with an app can participate and if you don’t win this week, just submit again next week. Make sure all of your friends vote for your app from here!

The best of the luck!

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