Selected apps in AppCircus Lisbon

Meet the top selected apps that will present in AppCircus Lisbon. This special edition will take place on December 16th at Vodafone Portugal HeadquartersParque das Nações, and it’s powered by Vodafone App Factory and Nokia Developer.

But remember that if you are not part of the list you still have a great chance to be part of the AppCircus showcase.

We just launched the Online Competition, a contest where everyweek the AppCircus community votes for their favourite app.

Don’t miss the chance, tell your friends to help you gain a spot at the MPA by voting your app right now!

Congrats to all the selected developers!

Mechanical Pomodoro: The Amazing Mechanical Pomodoro is an app for the iPhone and iPod Touch that helps you implement the Pomodoro Technique™ for increasing productivity.
Handout Wikipedia Mobile*Navigator: You won’y find an easier way to search, read and navigate through Wikipedia on your smartphone
HotZnow: HotZnow allows you to easily find your friends, fantastic places, great parties, special offers and lots of other benefits and prizes.
Portugal by: The vision of a country, the scenes, the environment and its culture seen by the eyes of selected photographers is the main subject of Portugalby, with selected information to improve your Portugal experience.
My Magic Songs: My Magic Songs is an interactive application for children with songs that sing their name and where they become the main characters of the games that accompany the songs.
Mobizy: Work from anywhere. Be productive on the go. MOBIZY powers today’s mobile enterprises with solutions for all kinds of businesses.
StringZ-HD: Z” is a curious single-toothed little blue alien that got trapped in a spacial wreck while exploring his galaxy. Now you have to guide him back to his spaceship by drawing the correct string on the screen.
Baby Feed – Baby Agenda: BabyFeed is an app for your smartphone that helps you, with keeping track of the daily activities of your babies, remembering the time to feed, when to give medicines or with keeping of baby measurement records.
Vizati: Vizati is a new and exciting puzzle game that will put your mind into test. Julie and Ben have discovered a strange and magical cube.
ITJobs WP7: Access all job offers, courses and event. Be notified of new offers!
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