Winner of AppCircus in Lisbon

We already have a winner in AppCircus Lisbon!

Although the rainy weather wasn’t helpful, the best showcase of apps took place in Portugal on December 16th with a successful result!

Congrats to the winners!

My Magic songs:

My Magic Songs is an interactive application for children with songs that sing their name and where they become the main characters of the games that accompany the songs.

Our overall winner gets a chance to be one of the 20 apps pitching at the Mobile Premier Awards during MWC 2012, plus a smartphone offered by Vodafone.

Best Symbian App: Mobizy

Work from anywhere. Be productive on the go. MOBIZY powers today’s mobile enterprises with solutions for all kinds of businesses.

Best Microsoft App: IT Jobs

Access all job offer, courses and events. Be notified of new offers!

We’d like to thank the local organizers, the contestants, the jury members, our sponsors and our moderator! Thank you all!

We hope to come back very soon!

Supporters: Vodafone App Factory Nokia

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