Selected Apps to pitch at BlackBerry DevCon

Meet the selected apps that will have the chance to pitch at the AppCircus Spotlight on  BlackBerry DevCon® in Amsterdam taking place on February 7th.

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Barcode: BBM-Connected BlackBerry app! QR-Code Reader and Generator. System wide integration through menu! This is a QR Code Reader and Generator. It’s built for sharing data with other smartphone users or on web.

Poynt: Poynt is a convenient and timesaving GPS-enabled app that gives users the power of multiple applications in one intuitive package. Poynt is an app that connects consumers to local businesses, restaurants, movie theaters, events, gas prices and weather information at the moment they are looking to buy or acquire products/services.

GRave Defense HD: GRave Defense HD is the next step in the evolution of tower defense games for the mobile platform! It takes the best qualities from other tower defense games and adds many new features as well! It is an old-school hardcore game!
Harold and the Purple Crayon: From acclaimed author Crockett Johnson, Harold and the Purple Crayon is the first and most popular book in the series. For more than five decades this book has been a beloved mainstay in parents libraries.
Mindmaps: Mindmaps is a mind mapping tool and a brainstorming application. It allows you to order your thoughts, store ideas and bring structure into complex concepts which makes it your ideal companion during meetings, lectures…
Twinoo: Logic and art come together in this simple and brilliant game. Get ready to teach your brain some new stuff! May the best brain hemisphere win!
Ruler: Ever had the problem that you wanted to measure the dimensions of an object but had no ruler within reach? With this handy app for The BlackBerry® PlayBook™ you can measure small objects in one go by touching the screen and using the build in crosslines with attached distance measurement.

Holes: Holes let you explore the world of a small ball … Try to bring the marble (ball) to the final hole, without falling in the small holes. By changing the angle of your device, you can control the marble and reach new highscores.

mobizy: Work from anywhere. Be productive on the go. Use your mobile phone or tablet. MOBIZY powers today’s mobile enterprises with solutions for all kinds of businesses.Sell more. Deliver earlier. Keep tabs on your important customers. Manage field teams. Spread knowledge throughout your organization. Do more.
Package Tracking:Package Tracking is an application that can track packages shipped through different 44 carriers.
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