AppCircus on Health Barcelona Selected Apps

We’re excited to announce the apps to pitch at theApps ON Health conference organized by the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu in Barcelona on the 19th of March 2012. The conference brings together international thought leaders to explore the business opportunities of mobile apps in the healthcare and wellness industry.

The selected developers will do a 3-minute pitch of their app in front of an international expert jury. The winner will get the chance to perform a live 3min demo in Doctors & You 2.0, the International Healthcare Social Media & Web 2.0 Conference in Europe (May 23-24 2012, Paris) and the winner will also have the possibility to win a nomination to the Mobile Premier Awards, during the 2013 Mobile World Congress.

The AppCircus on Health event starts at 16.45, the winner will be announced at 18.15. Check here for all details about the event.

The selected apps include:

UniversalDoctor Speaker facilitates multilingual communication between health professionals and patients who do not share a common language.

HelpTalk allows users unable to communicate in a traditional fashion (people with aphasia, tracheostomized, ventilated with endotracheal tube, etc.) to express their basic human needs.

VitaDock is a smart mobile solution for tracking vital data for diabetes, hypertension/ hypotension, fever, and obesity.

Ablah is an augmentative communication program able to generate phrases through the combination of images, texts and sounds.

SocialDiabetes is a system for the self-management of Diabetes Mellitus Type 1.

tweri is a mobility solution that provides peace of mind for caregivers and the patient himself in the early stages of the Alzheimer disease.

doctordoctor is an e-health platform that eases up the communication between all the different players of the private healthcare industry: patients, facultatives, health assurances, medical associations and hospitals.

iP Voiding Diary is an app for the iPhone and iPod touch to quickly and reliably create a digital voiding diary.

WithBaby offers a cutting-edge way to monitor your baby and interact with him or her.

iDoc24 – Anonymous skin advice in any device 24/7.

In Shape Moms/ Mamas en Forma – A complete pregnancy wellness and birth preparation app.

Hope to see you there! Follow @appcircus on Twitter for latest news and updates.

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