AppCircus Developer day selected apps

We’re excited to announce the apps to pitch at the Appcircus Developer Day event to take place next June 21 at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Campus de la Comunicació-Poblenou (Roc Boronat, 138) (google map). AppCircus Developer Day is a free event that includes workshops and 1-on-1 speed mentoring sessions with experts for developers to discover new opportunities for creating revenue-generating mobile apps and succeed in the app economy.

The selected developers will do a 3-minute pitch of their app in front of an expert jury. The winner will get a chance to win a nomination to the Mobile Premier Awards, during the 2013 Mobile World Congress.

The AppCircus Developer Day event starts at 17h and the winner will be announced at 18.30h.

The selected apps include:

SetFace puts a face to your smartphone contacts looking for public images on the Internet that may have profiles, photo albums, blogs, depending on the person’s visibility and notoriety on the Internet. Available in English, Spanish and Catalan.

Dogfight is a WWI based multiplayer airplane game that is full of action. Fly through training levels all the way up to full-blown dogfights against enemy planes. Playing alone is fun but the real fun is going multiplayer against your friends

beAdSense is a powerful and beautiful Google AdSense ™ (readonly) client. Its key features are: universal application, Google 2-step verification login support, multiple AdSense accounts support, quick earnings information of: Today, Month total and Month average, quick next/prev report gestures (swipe right or left to change them quickly), month summary, month summary chart (+ landscape mode chart), among others.

QuitNow! is an app designed to help people quit smoking. It also has an advanced ‘chat’ where users can talk about their feelings while quitting smoking.

QuesTInSitu is a web and mobile app designed and built to support learning in situ activities based on tests. Users can create geolocated questions and tests (routes) in a webmap (from Google Maps). The questions follow the educational technology standard for assessment IMS Question & Test Interoperability (QTI). QuesTInSitu also is a player of questions where users can answer the geolocated questions and they are automatically corrected.

DressApp is a new marketing way for shops in Barcelona that allows them to increase sales through an iPhone & Android app. “DressApp, Your Pocket Closet” offers users the option to view and manage their clothes closet through their mobile anywhere & anytime. In just 2 months it has had 15,000 downloads.

Learning a foreign language? Looking for partners to practice with? What if nobody in your social network can practice with you? Introducing Lext Talk: the first social networking and chat app designed for Language Exchange! Search the map to find others who have similar language interests, near you or across the globe. Send them a message and start the conversation!

The first Smartphone directory for professionals. From casualjobs you may look for professionals, organised in more than 1000 categories, and become a member of the directory and publish your professional profiles. Casualjobs is different from other apps, because it actually find applicants, it categorizes them and puts them in touch with the person who needs the job done.

Make sure to never miss any of the most important sports news. Sports Republic gathers sports news from the whole world so that no one misses what really matters for them. Sports Republic has an elegant and customizable interface, and allows you to become your own sports news editor.

New Sokoban is a puzzle solving game that challenges you with a renewed version of classic sokoban logic game. What about sliding the boxes while swiping onto your device screen? What if sokoban world got new rules and laws? New Sokoban offers to you a completely new gameplay that makes solving puzzles a peaceful and brain breaker experience. Ready?

Diaro is an awesome application that helps visitors in Barcelona to get the right directions when walking through the city. With Diaro, finding buildings, monuments, museums, restaurants or other points of interest is as simple as following an arrow. No data connection needed.

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