June 26th Lisbon AppCircus: The Selected apps!

On June 26 AppCircus arrives to Lisbon to showcase the best apps of the region! We are excited to announce the apps that will pitch on stage at the Vodafone Portugal Headquarters (Parque das Nações, Lisbon), to win the following prizes:

The overall winner will get a chance to be one of the 20 apps pitching at the Mobile Premier Awards during MWC 2013, plus a Windows Phone 7 offered by Vodafone, and the best Windows Phone app wil get a Windows Phone 7 smartphone offered by Nokia.

You can still register to attend the event and the workshops:

  • Create a Windows Phone app in one hour, by Nokia
  • Keys to a successful app + Strategies for app monetization, by Mobile Marketing Association and Adfonic

In addition, the best posting in the Facebook event, or the best person tweeting with the hashtags #appcircus #vodafone during the actual event will be awarded a Vodafone Android smartphone by Vodafone!

Meet the lucky selected apps of AppCircus in Lisbon!

Taxi Place

With Taxi Place you can find where the nearest taxi spot is and view the location in the map. You can also simulate the course you will take and know your fare in advance.


Walkar shows interesting spots around you. Point the camera in front of you to find the spots (Augmented Reality View) or simply use a map. Walkar will have a route traced for you to the spot you have chosen, complete with walking or driving directions.


Niiws is a free personalized newspaper aggregator that learns what news you like the most and gets smarter as you use it. Every day it delivers to your iPad the most commented news in the social networks from the most important national newspapers.

EatOut Lisboa

With EatOut Lisbon, you will be able to taste the best, most iconic and innovative restaurants in Lisbon, as elected by our food experts. Dozens of vouchers, new promotions and offers are always being added. Information 100% bilingual in English and Portuguese, search by prices, gastronomy, distance, smoking/non-smoking, filter by price, type of cuisine,restaurant schedules, weekly closing days

Baby On Time

Baby on Time is an iPhone lifestyle app designed to help new parents who don’t get enough sleeping hours remember some basic details of baby care. Focusing around around four timers, Baby On Time helps to manage: the baby’s feeding time, the baby’s sleep and wake up time, the last diaper change, and other events that needs managing such as medication.


FlexReader provides news content through mobile applications for smartphones and tablets. FlexReader allows the creation of native mobile apps to provide news content on iOS, Android and Windows Phone smartphones and tablets. The integration of content in the app is very simple and fast. It may be performed in two ways: XML or XLS (Excel).

Everybody Loves Bacon

Stop the pigs from taking over the world! Tired of being oppressed, important voices of the “pigosphere” began to encourage the community to revolt. Pigs are executing a detailed plan of escape and revenge, against specific enemy targets. They want a world where any pig can be free: a world without bacon! And only you can stop them, by catching all the rebel pigs. Experience many pigs, lots of veggies and loads of fun!


Get ready for the real football social network! OnLeague is the ultimate football social network! Get connected to other football Fans, follow your top Players, get inside your Team and show your Friends who knows the most about Football.

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