AppCircus Dev Day wrap up: the winner is… Dogfight!

Dogfight, a game that has achieved 1,5 million players in 3 months, won the AppCircus Developer Day contest in Barcelona. In the runner-up position, the jury chose DressApp, a pocket closet app that offers users the option to view and manage their clothes throught their mobile anywhere & anytime. DressApp is a new marketing way for shops in Barcelona that allows them to increase sales through an iPhone & Android application.

After receiving the prize, the creator of Dogfight, a Spanish engineer that started programming at age 8, said that the best acknowledgement for his work comes from the players. He uses their feedback to improve the game. Dogfight has a very powerful social side as players can communicate throught a chat and a forum. Dogfight could be nominated to participate in the Mobile Premier Awards to take place next February in Barcelona.

The 11 contending apps at AppCircus Developer Day were all incredibly interesting and the jury had a hard time deciding on a winner.

AppCircus Developer Day took place last 21st of June in UPF Campus de la Comunicació in Barcelona. For the first time in Spain an app developer event included 1-on-1 Speed mentoring sessions with industry experts who provided valuable feedback to developers with an app. The event also included workshops on OpenData and developing on several platforms, as well as spaces for networking.

We would like to thank our more than 150 attendants that declared a 95% overall satisfaction!

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