Open Cities App Challenge finalists announced!

The Open Cities App Challenge was designed to put the power of open source information and app innovation to solving the real problems that we face as citizens in everyday urban life. Now, after months of competition, the ten best ideas from around Europe have been selected:

Nice City Passport (Spain). This app, which won the popular online vote, improves urban mobility by providing realtime info on every parking and transport system available, from free parking spots to public transportation and bike rentals.

ComunicaPA (Italy) Is a smart app that uses open information to let citizens and businesses speak directly to Italian public administrations, improving information and quality of life.

Huellasolar (Spain) is an innovative app that gives us a ‘solar cartography’ of Spanish cities. Using this app, users can identify areas with insufficient sunlight or check annual radiation levels.

Toilet Map Vienna (Austria). Need to find a toilet? Use this app, which has open data from the city of Vienna for public toilets (including information about accessibility) and displays this info to the users via augmented-reality.

BikeCityGuide (Austria) If you’re getting on your bike, take this app with you. It offers a complete navigation system, specified for cyclists in cities.

BlindSquare (Finland) BlindSquare is a new solution that combines the latest technology to help the daily life of blind people in the city. BlindSquare uses unique algorithms to decide what information is the most relevant and then speak it with high-quality speech synthesis.

Eureka! (Italy) This app aims to create a strong bond between citizens and public administrations by taking open data from public administrations and giving it back as a geolocalized index of life quality, putting it on a map.

PayPark (Spain) This handy app allows the user to pay in the restricted parking areas (blue zones, etc). The platform uses a prepay system that allows users to pay the parking at the moment without coins or credit card.

Hogenood (Netherlands) When you’re getting a bit desperate, this app can help you by quickly locating the nearest restroom. It also includes user comments and ratings. (Germany) An online map for wheelchair-accessible places. As with Wikipedia, everyone can participate by tagging public places according to their accessibility.

Congratulations to all these apps for making it to the final at the Smart City Expo, 2012 in Barcelona.

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