Apps that encourage citizen collaboration triumph in the Grand Final of Smart City App Hack

Technological solutions that meet societal needs by empowering citizens to actively participate in the solution was a common trend with the winning mobile apps of the Smart City App Hack (SCAH), the global app challenge for smart cities held during the past two days in Barcelona, at Smart City Expo World Congress.

From New York to Barcelona, the winning teams have stepped forward to create apps that not only provide technological but also social innovation, promoting collaborative communities to improve the quality of life in cities.

This “Citizen Engagement” has been the driver in the first edition of the Smart City App Hack, culminating in two days of exciting competition events. 15 finalists from Helsinki, San Francisco, Dubai, Phoenix, New York, Lyon and Barcelona competed in five categories, each endowed with a 5,000 euros prize of which the results are as follows:

In the category of Collaborative City the winner is Barcelona’s Sharing Academy, an application that serves as a peer-to-peer tutoring solution in which university students connect in order help each other with private lessons.

The other winner from Spain is Tripuniq, in the category of Culture and Tourism, an app that offers tourist custom made tours created by locals according to the travellers interest and preferences.

In the Urban Mobility category, the winning app is TripGo, a solution from Helsinki that allows planning trips in cities by taking into account a vast variety of public and private means of transportation.

Knodes from New York has scooped the award in the category of Energy and Emissions with a technological solution involving a low-cost sensor network powered by solar energy and e-paper displays that are managed by a webapp. Knodes helps cities to “hear” their environment and “talk” to their citizens.

Last but not least the app indoors from San Francisco won in the category of Retail and Shopping. This app helps visually impaired users to navigate inside the San Francisco Airport where traditional GPS based solution don’t work.

FIWARE and MasterCard Awards

In addition the official sponsors of the Smart City App Hack  MasterCard and FIWARE presented their awards yesterday.

Unplis (Barcelona) has won the MasterCard Special Prize receiving a trip to Silicon Valley to participate in the Grand Finale of the “MasterCard Masters of Code” competition which offers an Acceleration Program as it’s main prize.

Meanwhile, FIWARE has granted cash prizes and acceleration aid to the apps that have best integrated FIWARE technology. The first prize of 5,000 euros was given to GeoPlay (Zaragoza), an app directed at the retail sector, providing an innovative model of advertising. The second prize of 3,000 euros went to CirculaB (Barcelona), an app aiming at reducing traffic congestion by offering users alternative routes based on predictive algorithms, open data and information shared by citizens.

The third prize, worth 1,500 euros, was presented to Bike Cidadão (Recife), an app to improve Urban Mobility, focusing on the safety of pedestrians, motor-bikes, and drivers, promoting mutual respect amongst road users. The Public Vote through Twitter awarded CITIVIVA (Montevideo) with 500 euros, a platform where citizens, public and private companies, and governments work together to improve the quality of life in the city.

The FIWARE  SOUL-FI Acceleration Award valued at 10,000 Euros with a 3 months acceleration program went to  Karos (Lyon), a car-pooling app that aims at reducing cars on the streets.

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