MPA16 Finalists: An interview with Combyne’s CEO Philipp Seybold

In our first in a series of interviews with our wonderful MPA16 finalists we chat to Combyne’s CEO Philipp Seybold about app marketing, the future and more.

App Summary: A digital changing room. Swipe through a curated selection of the newest trends and vintage fashion to create your perfect outfit. These can be shared with friends, other members and style bloggers for input.

1: How did you hear about Appcircus? Why did you decide to submit you app?

My co-founder Worathiti “Pung” Manosroi (CTO) heard about Appcircus through Twitter. It immediately took our attention. We found out that there would be an AppCircus event on fashion tech in London – this fits our field. After doing some research we were convinced that AppCircus is a real quality event. The prospect of competing with other fashion tech apps in front of a high class jury and the chance to win a pitch slot in the Mobile Premier Awards seemed really compelling to us.

2: How many users do you now have and where are they located?

We are live with a beta MVP version of the app in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We have over 16.000 users from these countries now (Dec. 2015).

3: Once you app is on the market how do you promote it? And what assistance (beside funding) do you need to promote it?

We will fully go to market in March 2016. We promote our app first of all through built in viral means like incentified referrals, full social features, and gamification aspects involving external users. Secondly we are developing win-win media partnerships with big magazine publishers and bloggers. The first ones are already in place, like our partnership with the big German media publisher “Axel Springer AG”. These partnerships don’t cost us any money because both sides profit equally from them. Thirdly we are conducting content marketing on our social channels, foremost on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. The content our users like most are relevant “How To’s”. We are planning on doing this in a weekly vlog on YouTube in 2016.

We need assistance from app marketing experts as well as from from brand building experts since it will be very important for us to develop our branding professionally in 2016. We would also wish for an internationally connected label or investor who has a lot of experience in the clothing industry and in global scaling of mobile/web platforms, mobile tech products.

4: How has the app tech sector grown/changed in your country?

In our country, Germany, the smartphone penetration has reached 65% in 2015 (from 42% in 2013) and is expected to grow to 80% in 2017. The app tech sector has a massive impact here. People use apps intensely, especially for social communication, dating, mobility (bicycle sharing, scooter sharing, car sharing, public transportation), room sharing, games and fashion. The younger millennial generation uses apps for basically everything. The mobile commerce sector is strongly on the rise. 39% of german internet users (internet penetration 86%) already shop on smartphones.

5: What are you working on now?

Right now we are implementing our social features with are a corner stone of our product. They will be released in January 2016. We are also working on launching the full app in Europe (UK, Spain, France, BeNeLux, Italy, Nordics, Turkey) in Q2 2016.

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