MPA16 Finalists: An interview with Norway’s Museai App

In our latest in our series of interviews with our wonderful MPA16 finalists we chat to the boys behind Museai about bands, community and what winning would mean.

App Summary: Made by musicians for musicians, Museai vastly improves on simply using your smartphone’s voice recorder in order to capture ideas. Here musical inspirations can be captured, structured and shared amongst friends and other musical collaborators with ease, speeding up the process to a fully formed song.

1: Tell us a bit about yourself, where did you grow up and what are your interests?

All of us are born and raised in Norway. Trym and Erlend are band musicians and have played music since they were kids. They just released their new band «Teddy and the Love Gang» in the end of 2015! Daniel is the business guy in the team and have a passion for making things happen.

2: Who was involved in the building of the app, what were their roles?

The team consists of three guys. Trym and Erlend are the musicians and the guys with the idea. Their role is to make sure that the product fits the user’s needs. They are also in charge of building the community and communicate with the users.

Daniel is the CEO and the business/marketing person in the team. Making sure that we can collaborate with the right partners, and also focus on getting more funding.

3: How many users do you now have and where are they located?

We aim to submit to AppStore next week, so we have not any users yet. But hopefully this will change quite a bit before MPA!

4: What are you working on now? Any new additions to the app, or perhaps something new?

We are finalizing the first version of Museai and making sure that it will be as good as possible. After launch we will have several updates and new releases. After that our main goal is to launch Museai on Android as well. We have seen that we can use the Museai technology in other ways, that also will give us new business models and potential income sources.

5: What would winning the MPA´s mean to you and your app?

That would definitely give us a great recognition and also say to potential investors and collaborators that there are a real big potential for Museai. We know there is a need for the product and by winning MPA can be a way for us to show the world how we want to improve the ways musicians create music!

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