MPA16 Finalists: An interview with Monkey’s Finger Games, Creators of Last Lie

In our latest in our series of interviews with our wonderful MPA16 finalists we chat to Monkey’s Finger Games who impressed with their amazing game, ‘Last Lie’.

App Summary: A console quality thrilling third-person shooter where the player must utilize stealth and a multitude of weapons to complete their missions.

How did you hear about Appcircus? Why did you decide to submit the app?

I have known Appcircus from a few years ago when I started to develop apps for Windows phone devices.

During a Microsoft organized apps campus I heard something about Appcircus form some other developers and then I visited the websites to better know about Appcircus jobs.

Where did the idea for the game come from?

The game idea came to us looking at technological advances in recent years and we wondered where we will be in the next 50. We thought something about bioelectronics.

The Brain Insertion was the new frontier of the future, so we are in a near future where this technology allowed people to improve their lives calibrating the body to prevent any kind of disease and prolong their lives. You can share information with people around you, everything you need is in your mind and everything you see gets mixed up with a holographic reality. Unfortunately the world is not only a beautiful place to live, but also a place to be afraid of. After a few years there was an hacker attack called MentalBurn thrown from a group adverse to the Brain Insertion. They sent a hacked signal which infected all the Brain Insertions on the planet. After the attack half of the world’s population died because of the shock, and the other half had troubles recognising the reality. No one can trust what they see because they cannot know if something is real or not and this is where Last Lie take place.

What were the game’s main influences?

With the objective to bring a console quality game on the mobile platform, we have been influenced by the major console titles. Looking at these games we were encouraged to create a technology that would allow us to have an engaging and addictive gameplay combined with the an high end graphics and gameplay mechanics.

The game itself were also influenced by the Hollywood movies that allowed us to study well-designed action camera during gameplay. Also during the game cinematic phases the camera shots changes, so we can give more emphasis to the action that is taking place!

Once your app is on the market how do you promote it and what assistance (beside funding) do you need to promote it.

To promote Last Lie we are creating a trailer that brings out the involvement during gameplay, we are also in touch with several suppliers of mobile advertising to show our ads.

We think that a great importance in given by festival, awards, and press. Most people need to hear about your game from numerous sources before they’ll actually watch a trailer or download a game. Of course having the opportunity to participate to the MPA 2016 is a  very important thing to us. We count to find some partners for promoting this and our future games. Since we are a small team, funding is really important for all of these phases, so we are giving the best of ourselves to be able to reach our goal.

What’s next for the app?

We have high expectations for Last Lie!

Last Lie has been very well received by the gamers audience that every day ask us to go on like this and to add new game chapters, and this is what we are doing!

At the moment we are continuing the Last Lie development to implement new features to the gameplay and extending the game by adding new game missions, in order to continuously improve the game and its quality. We want Last Lie to grow and become even better and better.

We are also planning a sequel for Last Lie and a spin-off. The Last Lie sequel will be even more involving than this one and will feature a better graphics and will bring some new cool gameplay features. The Last Lie spin-off  will be an all different kind of game and will give the player an excitements that isn’t yet seen on mobile platform. We want to bring the best gaming experience on mobile platform.

Where do you see the future of gaming apps going?

We in Monkey’s Finger believe that the future of mobile gaming is expected to grow, but this can happen only by creating exciting and quality products.

We think that in the near future the mobile devices will be seen as real gaming consoles, and if there will be  good quality games then mobile will be a good alternative to the current home console. Looking into the future, mobile gaming might even dominate the gaming industry, because of its mobility and ‘easy-to-play’ nature.

Having the ability to play on our couch and then continue the game in mobility without quality loss is something that might will enter into our lives. Monkey’s Finger Games wants to expand the entertainment potential of smartphone and tablets. Mobile platforms will never be a second choice for gaming.

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